Zabbix api host inventory example . . . Select the map, if the element type is 'Map'. Click on Create item in the upper right corner of the screen. . Complexity. . Host inventory. . . See User roles for more information. Zabbix-CLI. Another report is our availability report; this can be found under Reports | Availability report. The parameters supported by the Windows Zabbix agent 2 configuration file (zabbix_agent2. Actions tab. . 1 Building loadable plugins. Just showing it as "CPU info" does not tell you what value you want to get about the CPU. Zabbix Python API Module with integrated API Calls to get all properties of a host in one call. . Zabbix will optionally follow redirects (see the Follow redirects option below. 1 Database creation. I am trying to use Zabbix's API to return all of the hosts belonging to a particular host group. usermacro. . Our documentation writers will review the example and consider incorporating it into the page. 1 Building loadable plugins. Password. . 3 Frontend modules. Host interface. Password. Create a numeric Zabbix agent item to monitor free disk space on host with ID "30074" and add it to two applications. All mandatory input fields are marked with a red asterisk. . For community users, you are reading an unmaintained version of the Ansible documentation. 2 Items. 1 Loadable modules. 1. 1 Item key. You can keep the inventory of networked devices in Zabbix. Not required for template items. discovery. slideshows in a dashboard-style overview. . string. NOTE. 2 Installation and setup. . .
. See User roles for more information. Most APIs contain at least four methods: get , create , update and delete for retrieving, creating, updating and deleting data respectfully, but some of the APIs may provide a totally different set of methods. Host inventory. Map. 2 Plugins. . . The order of the returned IDs matches the order of the passed items. . How to get the answer in the event information to get the host name and not its ID. Possible values are: hostid, host, name, status. Zabbix API changes in 4. 11 Upgrade notes for 5. I have a huge list of devices I'm trying to bulk add but for some reason when I add the devices via the script, it doesn't apply the interface or template information. . . 2 Installation and setup. Install. . Create
a numeric Zabbix agent item to monitor free disk space on host with ID "30074" and add it to two applications. Host. The first one requires more API calls but I think it's more elegant. 3 Mass update. . Use powershell help to get commands and examples. 1 Creating an item. Tag names only should be used,. Permissions to call the method can be revoked in user role settings. Clone the official repository address of the Zabbix API library, Cloning Zabbix API library. 20 Extensions. Can be empty if the connection is made via IP. That is why to configure a sample item we go to Data collection → Hosts and find the "New host" we have created.

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